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As a busy pastor, your time and attention are always in demand. How can you know whether The Ultimate Journey would be a good fit for your congregation? Here are some testimonies from pastors who have participated in The Ultimate Journey and are now offering the process through their churches.

How has The Ultimate Journey impacted your church?

“Because of The Ultimate Journey, the life of our church has changed. When our people began getting emotionally well, their interactions with others changed. We are looking more and more like the church and less and less like a social club. I believe this is the best investment you will ever make.”                  Read More Testimonies

Why would you recommend that a pastor consider using The Ultimate Journey within their church?

“I would encourage every pastor to take a look at The Ultimate Journey. It’s different. The depth of the study, biblical accuracy, and relevance to your congregation is second to none. This is not just another program; it is a tool that leads to changed lives and the development of the body of Christ.”     Read More Testimonies

As a pastor, how has The Ultimate Journey impacted you personally?

“As a pastor, most of my time is spent giving my time to others, studying for classes, and preparing for sermons. None of which are bad, unless you are like me and forget to take care of yourself. I found myself thinking, There must be more to my life in Christ, but what does it look like and where do I get it? The Ultimate Journey became a pathway to true intimacy with God.”    Read More Testimonies

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