The Ultimate Journey – Living it on!

If you have been through all three phases of The Ultimate Journey, you probably recognize that the journey doesn’t stop at the end of Phase 3. The Ultimate Journey has equipped you with a number of tools that will help you to navigate the next stages of your life journey, but they will only work if you use them. By staying connected with us, you will be a part of a community where you will not only be encouraged to use these tools, but also where you can continue to sharpen them.

No Lone Rangers

God did not intend for us to live as independent lone rangers. Rather, he created us to live in community with him and his other beloved disciples. Remember, it is our own radical independent self life that God has set us free from. As we take our place as one of the members of his body and look to him as our head, we experience the fulfilling fruit-filled life he intends for us. That is why we implore you to stay connected. As co-sojourners on this journey, not only do you need us, we need you.

Helping others on the Journey

The best way to stay connected is to become involved in helping those who are trying to follow this same journey path. Two great ways to help others are to become a facilitator for one of the phases or to join The Ultimate Journey Prayer Team.

Post Phase 3 resources – “The Ultimate Journal”

The three phases of The Ultimate Journey provided you with some very practical tools to enable you to take the power of God beyond head knowledge and apply it to your everyday life.  As a result, you are equipped to live as a disciple of Christ who has nothing to lose, nothing to prove, nothing to fear and nothing to hide.  However, tools sitting on a shelf don’t get the job done.

The Ultimate Journal – Living It On is designed to help you use the tools you acquired during the three phases of The Ultimate Journey.  While this journal is designed for your personal experience, we encourage you to consider finding others with whom you can continue your journey.  If you choose to use this tool in a group setting, the back of each book includes a simple Leader’s Guide.  You can order your copy by clicking on the store tab above.

What about having a “family reunion”?

Occasionally, different parts of The Ultimate Journey family will contact us and want to host some type of get together in their area for the people who have gone through The Ultimate Journey. If you would like to help plan an event in your area, we would be happy to work with you. To help set up an event in your area click here.

Become a member of The Ultimate Journey Sowing and Reaping team

Since you have seen the fruit for yourself, are you now ready to sow some seed? If you would like to make this life changing path available to more people, we invite you to sow some financial seed towards that end. Whether God leads you to become one of our regular monthly supporters or to simply make a one-time gift, we will see to it that your gift is planted, watered, and gardened to produce more good fruit. For more on how you can sow into this ministry, click on the “Donate” tab above.

Become a member of The Ultimate Journey Prayer Team

Prayer is a vital part of The Ultimate Journey process. If you have a desire to pray over the prayer requests of our participants and facilitators, we would encourage you to become a part of this team. Click on the “Prayer Team” button at the right for more information.

Suggestion Box

We would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you may have. Feel free to drop a note in our electronic “Suggestion Box”.

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