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Phase 1 Phases 2 & 3 Phase 1 Phases 2 & 3
Format In-depth processing stretched out over 13 weeks Intensive processing in a focused environment over a few days
Facilitator Registered volunteers who have gone through The Ultimate Journey as participants and have completed additional facilitator training. Christ-Life Ministries staff or other facilitators trained directly by our National Training Director conduct Turbos.
Cost $50 $395 $100
Length Once weekly for 13 weeks 3 days 2 days
Hours per session  About 3 hours  About 2 hours 8 to 9 hours per day
Location Varied locations around the country At Christ-Life Ministries headquarters in Des Moines, IA or at other approved turbo locations
Setting  Small group Large or small group Small group Large group
Homework 2 to 3+ hours weekly 1 to 2 hours weekly  Significant amount both evenings 1 to 3 hours total
Benefits More time to process experiences and new information between sessions.Opportunity to implement and begin walking out life changes while going through the process. Secluded time away from distractions allowing for greater focus. Allows concentration on “big picture” life issues and patterns.
Attendance requirements If you know you are going to miss two or more sessions, you should consider different dates or a turbo. Missed sessions should be made up by watching the Teaching DVDs and doing the homework. $200 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit Fee may be transferred to a different date

Which option is best? While weekly groups and turbos are different in practice, both have the same objective: to bring forth positive life-change.  Neither format is better that the other, just different.  For this reason, some people choose to participate in both formats.   2024 Turbo Schedule

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