Who is The Ultimate Journey for?

Who is The Ultimate Journey For?

The Ultimate Journey is designed for everyone at any stage of his or her spiritual journey. It helps people identify where they are struggling and how to truly allow Christ to transform them.

Whether you are a pastor of a church or never been in a church, The Ultimate Journey will help you discover and understand any issues or patterns that may be keeping you stuck. You will be shown how to replace your old patterns with God-given ones to produce the results you really want.


Are you tired of trying to be good enough? The Ultimate Journey will get you off the treadmill of performance and constantly striving, but still feeling empty. Find the rest you have longed for as you allow God to produce lasting joy and peace in you.

Does God seem distant to you? God longs to have an intimate relationship with you. It’s not God distancing himself from you, it’s you unknowingly distancing yourself from him. Why? We distance ourselves from those we feel don’t love or care about us. Satan wants you to believe that God doesn’t really love you and isn’t here for you. As you uncover and replace the lies you have come to believe about God, with the truth about who he really is, you will find yourself in a love-filled relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Are you hurting? The Ultimate Journey will help you identify and work through any pain from your past and present and show you how to sow good seeds for an abundantly successful future.

Are you hurting others? You don’t have to be a slave to your own emotions or circumstances any longer. The Ultimate Journey is ready to guide you toward the freedom you’ve been wanting so you can have healthy relationships with others.

In summary, who needs The Ultimate Journey? EVERYONE!

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