Starting a group

You may be asking, “How can I start a small group of The Ultimate Journey?”

Many individuals have started small groups of The Ultimate Journey.  You could start a group in your home, workplace, library, or maybe even a room of a church.

Starting a group is easy. We will work with you every step of the way.

10 Simple Steps to Start Phase 1 Small Groups

1. Attend a Phase 1 Turbo or Weekly Phase 1 group for yourself. Then, you may begin leading Phase 1 groups prior to going through Phases 2 & 3 for yourself. However, we do require a commitment to go through the other phases in a timely manner so that the participants you take through Phase 1 will be able to go through Phases 2 & 3 as they become ready for the next phases.

2. Order the necessary start-up materials from our online STORE.

  • Phase 1 Facilitator Training Packet $25 (includes 5-hour training DVD with workbook and a Facilitator Registration Form to send in).  A separate packet must be purchased for each facilitator.
  • Phase 1 Book & Study Guide $50 (if you do not already have them)
  • Phase 1 Teaching DVDs $45 (required video instruction for leading each weekly meeting)

3. Watch the Phase 1 Facilitator Training DVDs and complete the corresponding workbook found in the Facilitator Training Packet.

4. Complete the Phase 1 Facilitator Registration Form and send the top copy to Christ-Life Ministries. You may keep the other copy for your records.

5. Once we have received your registration, we will contact you with your GROUP CODE that your participants will need to be able to order their books from our online STORE.

6. Download the Phase 1 Leader’s Guide (no charge) under the RESOURCES tab and under Leader Resources of our website. This gives you detailed instructions for leading each  meeting.

7. Review the LEADERS section of the website where you can obtain promotional materials and other information useful for leading each of the phases.

8. Determine the number of people who will be attending your first Phase 1 group. Remember to limit groups to no more than 4 participants per facilitator.

9. Recruit participants for the initial group.  This is normally done through word of mouth or by using the promotional resources available through our STORE.  Many of these items are free downloads.

10. Give participants the ordering instructions with your GROUP CODE that are sent you after completing #5. We will mail their books directly to them.


Begin your groups and watch God work!

Feel free to email or call Christ-Life Ministries with any questions you have getting started or while you are leading groups. We are here to support you! Phone 515-251-6838 or email


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