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Here are a few ways The Ultimate Journey will help transform your congregation:

Real Relationships: Meeting People Right Where They Are

Often churches are filled with people pretending everything is all right, and fearing what others would think if they knew they were struggling.  None of us were called into ministry just to go through the motions.  The Ultimate Journey helps people learn to deal with their reality so they can experience God’s forgiveness and true freedom.   Real life-change takes place in relationships where people can be transparent and free to help each other grow in their relationship with God.

Beyond Head Knowledge and Into Every Day Life

The Ultimate Journey is designed for everyone at any stage in his or her spiritual journey.  It helps people identify where they are stuck or struggling and how to truly allow Christ to transform them. Many Christians have an intellectual understanding of God’s love and forgiveness, but for various reasons, it hasn’t become a reality in their experience with God. This can be very frustrating for pastors who are presenting the Word of God each week and yet they see their congregation unable to live it out on a daily basis. The Ultimate Journey enables people to actually experience God’s love and forgiveness and imparts a deep understanding of The Gospel that will allow people to walk out their faith in their everyday lives.

Discipleship – Spiritual Formation

As participants are led through this dramatic, life-changing process by which they take an honest inventory of their lives, they learn to take ownership of their lives so they can truly exchange lives with Christ.  Participants experience true personal and spiritual growth as they trade in their independent self-life for the indwelling presence of Christ in them.  Participants move from an understanding of who they are in Christ, to who Christ is in them, and ultimately to who Christ is through them.  As participants go through this life-changing process, they mature and become equipped to help others do the same.

Counseling – Personal Growth

While The Ultimate Journey is not counseling, it is a place where people are helping each other.  It is a safe, confidential setting where trained facilitators help to create an environment where people are free to be real, vulnerable and transparent.  It is a place where participants can feel safe enough to share and have opportunities to talk about the things that affect us all.

The Ultimate Journey is not intended to replace professional therapy, but many people just need a safe place with loving people who will listen and give healthy feedback.  In fact, many professional Christian therapists refer their clients to The Ultimate Journey. This process offers a structure for how to practically be there for one another: Body ministry as God intended.  You can comfortably refer someone to The Ultimate Journey knowing they will receive concrete, proven help without the expense of professional therapy.  Naturally, individuals who do need professional counseling should be referred to a professional therapist.

Light to the World – Witnessing

As hurting people in your community see others experiencing life-change, they will say to themselves, “I want that!”  The Ultimate Journey operates under the principle of seeking first to understand before being understood.  Because Phase 1 focuses on being a safe place for anyone to heal and grow, even those who do not yet know Christ feel accepted.  After experiencing a safe place to explore their past and come to grips with where they are in life, the natural question becomes “Now what?”   Phase 2 then helps them discover and embrace that the only viable answer to their life is God. Your church can become the entry point for these new believers.

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