Our Story

Who would have imagined that one man’s struggle through the forest of life is what God would use to blaze a trail that has now become a highway for others to follow?

Blazing a trail

The initial development of The Ultimate Journey dates back to 1991 when John Marquez began leading individuals through a discipleship process he called The Christ-Life SolutionThe Christ-Life Solution was developed to help people deal with the effect of unfinished issues from their past so they could move forward into the life and freedom God intended for them.

Charting a course

As participants began to experience dramatic life change, word spread.  Soon the growing number of friends, relatives and acquaintances requesting to go through The Christ-Life Solution required that the materials be put into a written format so others could be equipped to lead these groups.  In 1998, having been personally impacted by this process, Jim and Kathie Hobson began co-laboring with John Marquez.

Developing a path

Christ-Life Ministries was officially founded in 2000 by Jim, Kathie and John.  Over the next few years the team trained hundreds of leaders who led thousands of people down this life-changing path. Armed with the experience of seeing thousands of lives transformed, the team continued to develop more tools to help others on this journey.

Turning a path into a highway

In 2008 the materials went through professional editing and redesign.  In 2009 the three-phase process previously known as The Christ-Life Solution was rebranded into The Ultimate Journey.  All of the materials continue to remain in alignment with the biblical model God gave this ministry from its inception.  The Exodus from Egypt was, and still is, The Ultimate Journey that leads people from bondage into an intimate, bonded relationship with their loving Creator.

Highway is open

The Ultimate Journey is currently working across the country with churches representing a number of different denominations as well as other groups of individuals in home groups and other venues. To date, thousands of people have experienced life-change including a deeper intimacy in their relationship with God.

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