Training and Ongoing Support

Is there training and ongoing support for my leaders?

Structured training is crucial to the success of The Ultimate Journey.  A primary objective is to ensure all involved in this process have adequate support for a successful, ongoing program.  Pastors, churches, facilitators, and participants new to The Ultimate Journey will have access to initial, ongoing training, comprehensive tools and access to a network of support both locally and through the offices of Christ-Life Ministries in Des Moines.

An Overview of the Training Process

Individuals start as participants:  There are two ways leaders become trained.  They can go through the process as a participant attending either the in-depth weekly sessions or by attending an intense three-day turbo.  Once someone from your church is trained, you will be able to train additional leaders from within.

To get started, participants may begin by attending an in-depth weekly group at another church with an already existing program.  You can find out what churches in your area have groups by calling our offices at 515-251-6838.  The other way to go through the process is by attending what we refer to as our “turbo” (intensive two or three day) sessions conducted by our staff at the Christ-Life Ministries headquarters.  For a comparison between the weekly and turbo formats, click on the “What Are My Options?” button to the right.

How Do I Start A Group?

Facilitator Training: Once an individual from your church has completed Phase 1 and has been selected by your church to be trained, they may begin facilitator training.  This involves watching a 5-hour training DVD with a corresponding workbook to be filled out. After completing the training, the trainee will fill out and send to our offices a Facilitator Registration Form. Once we receive the registration, the trainee will be given access to the facilitator section of our website to download the Phase 1 Leaders Guide. In addition, the trainee will want to obtain the Phase 1 Teaching DVDs that walk them through each session of the weekly meetings. To lead Phases 2 and 3 there is also instruction available through Leaders Guides and Teaching DVDs.

Ongoing Support for Facilitators:  Facilitators have access to a network of support both locally and through the offices of Christ-Life Ministries in Des Moines.

Ongoing training:  This will include tools like Weekend Conferences, DVD Self-Study, Affirmation CDs, Putting On The New Self CDs, Walking Out The New Self CDs, Devotionals and more.

The specifics about starting The Ultimate Journey:  Preparation, promotions, and any materials you will need to acquire along with pricing and other details can be found on the “Launching The Ultimate Journey At Your Church” page.

Will a representative from Christ-Life Ministries come to our church to train us?

Typically a church starts off by sending 1 to 4 people to our headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa for training.  However, we are open to what God would direct for each situation.  As we develop an ongoing relationship with a church, it is not unusual for that church to want us to come and train on site.  This decision will be made on an individual church basis.

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