Pastors are people too!

Your experience with people tells you that everyone has issues. Have you come to a place in your life yet where you can recognize that “everyone” includes you?  While you probably spend a lot of time and energy focusing on the spiritual and emotional needs of others, what about your needs?  Do you have a safe place where you can take an inventory of your life and get the help you need?

Many pastors have found The Ultimate Journey to be the safe confidential place they were looking for.  See if you can identify with any of these pastors.


From Feeling Inadequate and Inferior – To Feeling Loved and Accepted

“Even though I had been a pastor for over 40 years and had preached numerous sermons about God’s love and acceptance, I had continued to struggle with feelings of inadequacy and inferiority.  Ministry can be a difficult and challenging place when we feel others are judging us.  I now realize that I was my own worst critic.  Through The Ultimate Journey, I have been able to go back and receive healing for hurts experienced early in my childhood.  Now I can accept myself just the way I am, and more importantly, receive the unconditional love and acceptance of God that I have taught about for so many years.”

From Striving – To Resting

“Nothing was ever good enough for my dad.  No matter how well I did something, he always expected more.  Dad could never just say ‘good job’ or ‘I am proud of you just for being you.’  He always had to critique everything.  Competition and the drive for perfection have dominated my adult life and have cost me more than I probably even know.  Through The Ultimate Journey, I am learning to rest in the all sufficiency of Christ and accept others and myself just the way God made us.”

From Living The Perfect Christian Façade – To Really Living

“I grew up in the ‘perfect’ Christian home.  My parents were very performance oriented and I learned how to run on the treadmill of performance, trying to earn God’s approval.  Because of The Ultimate Journey, I am off the treadmill and rest in His arms.”

From Head Knowledge – To Loving Well

The Ultimate Journey has changed the eyes of my heart.  This opening of the eyes has caused me to understand and live out what it means to be a minister of the New Covenant – to know God as a covenant God and walk with him in this capacity.  I will never be the same.”

From Trapped in Hidden Sin – To True Freedom in Christ

“I was one of those pastors represented in the survey by Christianity Today which revealed that four in ten pastors with online access have looked at a pornographic website.  I struggled with the shame of preaching freedom from sin while at the same time being caught in its death grip.  The Ultimate Journey not only helped me to realize that pornography was only a symptom of my real problem, it helped me identify and deal with the root issue.”

From the Bondage of Needing Others Approval – To Accepting God’s Unconditional Love for Me

“I never heard my parents tell me that they loved me.  I spent most of my childhood trying to earn their approval.  Consequently, as an adult, I found myself trying to earn the approval of others.  The Ultimate Journey helped me to understand the unconditional love of God and the truth that he created me to be who I am.  Now that I have truly experienced God’s unconditional love, I don’t feel like I have to earn the approval of others.”

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