Why would you recommend that a pastor consider using The Ultimate Journey within their church?

The Ultimate Journey is not just another discipleship course that pours more information into the minds of participants. The Ultimate Journey is about life transformation. Sometimes the process is messy as people plow through their sin, but as freedom comes, the joy cannot be contained.”

“Since the church is really people, when the people are healthy, the church is healthy. My desire as a pastor is to see the people that God entrusted to my care grow into healthy disciples of Christ. The Ultimate Journey is an excellent tool God has given the church to help people truly grow.”

“The Ultimate Journey allows us to travel the wilderness of sin and death, which is our Egypt and remakes us into Joshuas and Calebs who are willing and able to enter the Promised Land.”

“We all want to see real fruit of lives transformed by Christ. The Ultimate Journey is a comprehensive way to foster that transformation. The Ultimate Journey is more than inner healing. It is more than discipleship. It is both. It is not a religious bandaid, but offers practical tools and a lifestyle that bring about real fruit and freedom.”

“For years I sought to minister to people who were alive in Christ but still bound in the grave-clothes of a destructive past life. When God led me to discover The Ultimate Journey, he opened a pathway for us to stand beside people tied up in arrested development from their past wounds and offer a whole new transforming way of growth! I encourage any pastor to prayerfully consider this as an opportunity to enrich many more lives with the life of Christ.”

“Many people are drawn toward God through their wounded lives. But the pain doesn’t just automatically disappear. The Ultimate Journey has helped people at my church enter into their pain so they can experience the fullness of healing through Jesus Christ.”

“I would encourage pastors to consider using The Ultimate Journey for two reasons. For one, people encounter God’s love through the ministry of Jesus Christ. And two, people’s lives are changed in a positive way. As a result you see these individuals get involved in leadership and teaching within the church.”