Who is TUJ for? Testimony

At first I resisted wading through all that muck.  I had gone through something before and wasn’t eager to do it again. It was too painful. As I walked through it again I began to see that this was different. That I actually began to enjoy the process. Towards the end I finally “got it”. I had tried so hard all my life to do what was right. But I had always done it in my own strength. My own courage, my own resourcefulness. I don’t have to do that anymore. The world still turns and the sun still comes up. i am fee to be weak and needy and as helpless as I am and God loves me anyway. I even love me now! My husband and I went through this together (different groups) when we started we were at the point where this was the last straw. After 38 years I was ready to walk away. As we went through this process we were able to share things we never had before. We both changed. We now see each other as ally’s instead of adversary’s It has changed everything for us.

—Susan H.
Gretna, NE