Pastors are people too Testimony

I chose to go through the Ultimate Journey because I knew I had reached a point in my own journey where I was “stuck.”  I had been through very helpful and healthy counseling the six months prior, but there was something that seemed hidden underlying a subtle anger within.  The counselor whom I trust very much recommended I consider it. So I did.  What I want you to know that words cannot adequately describe the impact each phase has had on my life and well-being.  The phase one Turbo was especially insightful, affirming, and a catalyst allowing God to do a new work of healing within me.  It provided the tools and environment for God to do a work I did not expect.  What was revealed in private was shared with the small group and very competent facilitators.  God worked through each person in that group and through each facilitator.  Not only did God reveal the hidden that which was behind my anger, He let me feel the appropriate emotions for what I had endured earlier in my life.  The series of significant affirmations and the practical tools learned in Phase One are still in use today.  I then went on through Phase 2 & 3, which built upon the solid foundation now in place.  I highly recommend this process to you as I have to many whom I know and love.  It is a path to real freedom in Christ to become who you already are and serve Him better than you ever could have before.  Whatever your motivation God will meet you there in this process and take you on a journey that will benefit you and all those you know.  Grateful to those who helped me learn to better care for my soul.
A word to pastors.  I have been a pastor for nearly three decades, heavily involved in counseling others and working on myself as well.  IF you will choose to go through this process I can assure you your personal life and ministry and following God will take on a new level of freedom and effectiveness as never before.

—Bob B.
Woodstock, Il