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This section is designed for our current leaders.  If you are a leader who is not already familiar with The Ultimate Journey, we encourage you to click on the “New to the Journey” tab above, which includes a section for pastors and other leaders. If you are interested in becoming a facilitator at a particular church or organization that is currently using The Ultimate Journey, contact the group director or leader overseeing the program there. If you do not know whom you should contact, please contact us, and we will get you connected. If you are interested in becoming a facilitator and starting your own group, click on the “Start A Group” button on this page.

If you are one of our current leaders,  we want to express our deepest appreciation to you for the countless hours you spend sitting in these small groups, bringing the life of Christ to so many of his beloved children. You are giving to others out of what you have received. Without people like you, The Ultimate Journey discipleship process would not take place. His Body, you, and so many others are the ones he flows through to bring his Kingdom purposes to earth. You are the ones on the front lines and we want to do everything possible to equip you for what you are called to do.

As a result, this section of The Ultimate Journey website is designed with you in mind. Here, you have easy access to getting information and asking questions, and we have a place to bring you updates on changes and additions as this discipleship process progresses for all of us. You can have this information “hot off the website”.

Leader Resources

Handouts of all kinds – you no longer need to keep that sheet in your Leader’s Guide protected for all the copies you are going to need to make with it. Now you can go online and make copies off a PDF file of each one.

Participant Resources

Examples of Fairy Tales, Christ-In-Me and Christ-Through-Me Identity Paradigms, songs & poems, and much more that go along with the messages we want to communicate. We encourage you to electronically send us any samples you think would be a good addition to our online inventory.

You are not alone

We want you to know that you are not alone.  If you have questions, call or email us.  Additionally, be sure to take advantage of our prayer team by submitting a prayer request.  When we pray, God really does intervene.

E-mail us your suggestions

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on anything related to The Ultimate Journey.  Input from front-line leaders like you plays a key part in our ability to make this path even more effective.

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