Need a Refresher?

Do you remember using math or vocabulary flashcards?  Good teachers have students go over the same material or exercises again and again.  Through repetition, things that were at first new and difficult to understand become easier and easier until they become second nature.  It is the same with learning the principles taught throughout The Ultimate Journey.

Being transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you are no longer conformed into the pattern of this world is a never-ending, ongoing process.  Going back through one or more phases of The Ultimate Journey does not mean that someone didn’t “get it”; it means that they are serious about renewing their mind.  If we don’t continually revamp our minds with the new patterns, it is easy to lose focus and fall back into our old patterns.  That’s why we want to make you aware of some wonderful opportunities to help you learn these principles and apply them at deeper levels in your life.  Some options are:

1. Attend a Phase 1, 2 or 3 Turbo

If you went through a weekly group, refresh with a turbo. Turbos take you through all of the material for a particular phase in a 2 or 3-day setting.  The turbos are taught directly by Christ-Life Ministries staff or by others trained by Kathie Hobson, National Training Director, specifically to conduct turbos.  These experienced leaders will give you a comprehensive review of the material and help you to apply it to your life on a deeper level.  Turbo Schedule

2. Attend a Phase 1, 2 or 3 weekly group

If you went through the turbo of a particular phase, but have not gone through the weekly format, this is a wonderful opportunity to unpack what you learned in your turbo.  If you have already gone through a weekly group, going through it again will allow you to gain a deeper grasp of the principles and apply them to new levels in your life.

3. Begin a self-study program using The Ultimate Journey teaching DVDs

By purchasing a set of the teaching DVDs, you can go back through each phase as often as you like.  There is a video teaching for each lesson of the book.  These teaching DVDs do an excellent job of emphasizing the key points for each week in a very engaging and practical way.  Your self-study review can be as simple as just watching each approximately 30-minute video, or you can expand your study by rereading the corresponding chapter and doing the homework. Or, get a group of others together to review along with you!

4. Attend a weekend conference

Check the calendar section of this website for weekend conferences that specifically review The Ultimate Journey material or for those that relate these principles to specific areas of your life like marriage or parenting.

If you haven’t completed all three phases of The Ultimate Journey, we strongly encourage you to continue down this path that God has set before you.  See Why Go On To Phase 2 or Why Go On To Phase 3.

If you have already been through all three phases of The Ultimate Journey, see what additional options are available to you for keeping these life-changing principles working in your life by going to the Alumni section.

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