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When someone completes the initial three phases of The Ultimate Journey, it doesn’t mean that they have finished their journey or have somehow “arrived” at their destination.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  If someone really understands The Ultimate Journey, they recognize that it is a life-long journey – an abiding, ongoing way of living with the Holy Spirit and your brothers and sisters in Christ.

During Phase 3 you learned that you are only one growing season away from a new harvest.  That is a very powerful truth that can either work for you or against you.  If you are not happy with your current results, you simply need to begin planting new seeds that will enable you to reap your desired harvest.  However, just because you have been reaping a good harvest doesn’t mean you will continue to do so unless you continue to sow good seeds.

Going through The Ultimate Journey gave you some valuable tools to help you experience God beyond head knowledge and into the reality of your everyday life.  So how is it going?

It’s easy to lose focus and fall back into old thinking patterns.  That’s why scripture tells us to “take every thought captive.”  Remember, what you think about all day long and the way you think about it, determines who you will eventually become.  That’s why we want to make you aware of some wonderful opportunities to help you maintain or regain your focus.  Some options are:

1.   Start using The Ultimate Journal 

One of the best ways to make The Ultimate Journey principles a part of your everyday life is to use The Ultimate Journal.  The Ultimate Journal – Living It On is a guidebook to help you navigate your next leg of The Ultimate Journey with Christ. This 11-week book can be used for your personal journey, or along with the Leaders Guide provided in the back of each book, is an excellent tool for small groups that want to continue walking out their journey together.  Click here to order your copy of The Ultimate Journal – Living it on.

2.   Attend a Phase 1, 2 or 3 Turbo

Turbos take you through all of the material for a particular phase in a 2 or 3 day setting.  The turbos are taught by experienced The Ultimate Journey leaders that will give you a comprehensive review of the material and also help you apply it on a deeper level in your life.     Turbo Schedule

3.   Begin a self-study program using The Ultimate Journey teaching DVDs.

By purchasing a set of the teaching DVDs, you can go back through each phase as often as you like.  There is a teaching DVD for each lesson of each phase.  These teaching DVDs do an excellent job of emphasizing the key points for each week in a very engaging and practical way.  Your self-study review can be as simple as just watching each approximately 30-minute DVD, or you can expand your study by rereading the corresponding chapter and doing the homework.

4.   Lead a weekly group through one of the three phases

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a teacher, facilitating is such an incredible way to learn something at a deeper level. With our Teaching DVDs, you can facilitate a group simply by providing a safe place for others to watch the DVDs and discuss what they got out of the reading for each lesson.

5.   Join a local or online alumni group

Join or begin a local alumni group.  This group can be designed to meet the needs of the specific participants.  Some options would be for each participant to share from their personal life using The Ultimate Journal, or review a particular phase or sections from The Ultimate Journey books.

6.   Read materials submitted by The Ultimate Journey family

The Resources section of the website is full of poems, songs, fairy tales, and letters written by The Ultimate Journey family.  We have no doubt that they will bless and inspire you as they have us.

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