Helping Others

One of the natural responses of going through The Ultimate Journey is a desire to help others.   Here are a few ways that God may want to work THROUGH you.

Facilitate The Ultimate Journey

Facilitators are essential to The Ultimate Journey “watch me, now you” discipleship process.   By using our user-friendly Teaching DVDs, you can facilitate a group simply by providing a safe place for others to share, learn and grow each week.   If you would like to have a front row seat to watch as God changes lives, go to our “Facilitators and Group Directors” page to learn how you can get involved.

Become a member of The Ultimate Journey Prayer Team

Prayer is a vital part of The Ultimate Journey process.  If you have an interest in praying over the prayer requests of our participants and facilitators, we would encourage you to become a part of this team.  For more information on how to become a part of this vital ministry, click on the “Prayer Team” button at the right.

Become a member of The Ultimate Journey Sowing and Reaping team

Since you have seen the fruit for yourself, are you now ready to sow some seed?  If you would like to make this life changing path available to more people, we invite you to sow some financial seed towards that end.   Whether God leads you to become one of our regular monthly supporters or to simply make a one-time gift, we will see to it that your gift is planted, watered, and gardened to produce more good fruit.  For more on how you can sow into this ministry, click on the “Donate” tab above.

Go make disciples

People often refer to Mathew 28:18-20 as “The Great Commission”.  There Jesus commands his disciples to “Go and make disciples.”   Facilitating The Ultimate Journey is optional, but making disciples of Jesus is a command.  Leading one of The Ultimate Journey groups is a great way to fulfill this commandment, but you can also use the valuable tools you learned going through this process in your everyday life.  Remember, discipleship is simply “watch me, now you.”

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