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Does God have a sense of humor?

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We are Thankful for YOU!

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Exciting News for TUJ Alumni

The New Online Portal

We have exciting news! All of The Ultimate Journey materials are now available digitally online through our new Online Portal. That includes audio-books and teaching videos for ALL THREE PHASES as well as PDF’s of the most current TUJ materials that you can read online or print.

Have you ever wanted to go back over those life transforming truths that impacted you when going through The Ultimate Journey (formerly The Christ-Life Solution) but couldn’t find the time to go back through it all? Now you can! With our new Online Portal, by simply listening to the audio-books while you go about your normal life activities, or by watching a powerful teaching video while sitting in the comfort of your home, those truths you learned will be reinforced and you will gain new insights to help you continue growing forward.

In the future, when new participants are registering for The Ultimate Journey, they will receive everything they need in a digital format through the Online Portal. While not necessary, after registering, participants will have the opportunity to purchase hard copies of the books for an additional $20 per book.

As our alumni, we want to make the Online Portal available to you! If you are a monthly donor, you have already been given access for free. If you are not currently a monthly donor, you can have free access by becoming a monthly donor, or by making a one-time minimum donation of $20 for each phase you want to access ($60 for all three phases). (Note: This special alumni offer is only for those phases you have already completed. If you have not completed a phase, you will need to go through the normal registration process for that phase.)

When making your donation, you must add this comment to the Notes Field “Phase X Online Portal” inserting the Phase number(s) you want in place of the X. If you don’t add this comment, we have no way of knowing you are wanting the Online Portal access so your donation will be treated as a general donation. Click here to make your donation and receive your free Online Portal access. When we process your donation, we will send you an email with instructions to reset your password and log in to the Online Portal (This could take up to 2 business days). Also, our new Online Portal requires email verification so you will receive an additional email asking you to verify your email address.

Your Online Portal access will remain open as long as you don’t opt out of our emails or jeopardize our status with email providers by not opening any of our correspondence for over six months. Emailing to inactive accounts causes email providers to classify our emails as spam and thereby block our emails to everyone.

We trust you will be blessed as you take advantage of this new tool and go back over those life transforming truths. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email us at or call our offices at (515) 251-6838.

Love and appreciate you!

Jim Hobson

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FREE Gift for TUJ Alumni

FREE Allying Yourself Handbook

Remember how good it felt when you put your hand on your heart or wrote yourself letters and validated your feelings, comforted yourself, and told yourself the truth. Remember how the burden was lifted and you experienced peace and healing. You learned in Phase 1 to care for your heart, but when life gets busy, it’s easy to forget the importance of siding with God for yourself by being your own ally.

As you go through your day, situations happen that cause you to react in certain ways. They will often trigger emotions connected to the messages you came to believe about yourself from your childhood experiences. As a result, you will respond in positive or negative ways. How you respond will depend upon what you are telling yourself. We all need to develop healthy patterns of allying ourselves.

Consistent repetition is the key to building a new habit. It takes at least 21 days of doing something repeatedly for your brain to develop new neural pathways. This handbook is designed to help you practice the skill of being your own ally, which is the key to experiencing emotional wholeness and spiritual transformation so you can walk in freedom and live out your God-given purpose. We believe this is so important we want to offer this Allying Yourself Handbook to you FREE of charge.

Additionally, don’t forget we have also officially launched our new Online Portal. We have a special offer for all of our alumni to access the digital content of Phases 1, 2 or 3, which includes our new audio-books. Click Here to get more information and access.


Jim Hobson

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Getting Together with Family For Thanksgiving?

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This Year, Take Your Adult Ally With You!

Are you making plans to reconnect with family over the upcoming holidays? If you are, remember, the hardest place to not fall back into old childhood patterns is with your family. Whether it is shame, pain, rejection, unforgiveness, having to be the responsible one, or just plain not feeling good enough, those old mental patterns you worked so hard to replace can come flooding back. But you don’t have to face it alone! This year, …

…make plans to take your Adult Ally with you. Of course, now that you are an adult, your brain only listens to you.  That means, Your Adult Ally Is You!

Just because you are getting together with family, it doesn’t mean you have to revert back to your old childhood patterns and conform back into the old family system. Instead, when you feel yourself being pulled back into that old pattern, you can choose to respond with TACT.

1) Identify what is Triggering you.

2) Acknowledge and accept any feelings you are having.

3) Comfort yourself by paying attention to what you need to hear from yourself as the ally.

4) Talk Truth to yourself by identifying the messages/lies you are believing regarding the situation and then replacing them with the truth.

Want more details on how to do this? Click here for a free download of our Allying Yourself Handbook

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Does Someone Have to Ask for Forgiveness Before I Forgive Them?

Does Someone Have to Ask for Forgiveness Before I Forgive Them?

Romans 5:8 “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Does someone have to ask for forgiveness before I forgive them? No. While it might be easier to forgive when someone asks you to, you don’t have to be trapped in the bondage of unforgiveness waiting for them to pop the question. God forgave man even before Adam sinned. That’s why Jesus was chosen to be the lamb slain before the creation of the world. Many people do not receive God’s forgiveness because their pride tells them they don’t need forgiveness or their low sense of self-worth tells them they aren’t worth forgiving. God’s forgiveness is not the issue. It is man’s willingness to receive forgiveness. It is man’s unwillingness to repent and receive forgiveness that separates him from God. Following that example, we should forgive others irrespective of their actions. It is then up to them whether they receive it.

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Forgiveness Isn’t Going Back to the Way things Were

Forgiveness Isn’t Going Back to the Way things Were

Luke 17:3b-4 “If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him. If he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times comes back to you and says, ‘I repent,’ forgive him.”

Just because you forgive someone doesn’t mean that everything goes back to the way things were. Just because you have forgiven someone doesn’t mean that they are trustworthy now or that they wouldn’t do the same thing again if given the opportunity. It’s OK not to put yourself in situations to be hurt by the same person again.

While Jesus calls us to forgive others no matter how many times they hurt us, if we continue to allow someone to hurt us, we must ask ourselves if there is something going on inside us that is keeping us from drawing healthy boundaries. It’s healthy to set up appropriate boundaries for any future relationship. For example, while a woman in an abusive relationship is commanded to forgive, it is still appropriate for her to change her behavior so that the abuser is no longer able to abuse her.

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