This Year, Take Your Adult Ally With You!

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Are you making plans to reconnect with family over the upcoming holidays? If you are, remember, the hardest place to not fall back into old childhood patterns is with your family. Whether it is shame, pain, rejection, unforgiveness, having to be the responsible one, or just plain not feeling good enough, those old mental patterns you worked so hard to replace can come flooding back. But you don’t have to face it alone! This year, …

…make plans to take your Adult Ally with you. Of course, now that you are an adult, your brain only listens to you.  That means, Your Adult Ally Is You!

Just because you are getting together with family, it doesn’t mean you have to revert back to your old childhood patterns and conform back into the old family system. Instead, when you feel yourself being pulled back into that old pattern, you can choose to respond with TACT.

1) Identify what is Triggering you.

2) Acknowledge and accept any feelings you are having.

3) Comfort yourself by paying attention to what you need to hear from yourself as the ally.

4) Talk Truth to yourself by identifying the messages/lies you are believing regarding the situation and then replacing them with the truth.

Want more details on how to do this? Click here for a free download of our Allying Yourself Handbook

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