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Phase 3 Affirmation CDs

Since you are now IN Christ through God’s blood covenant, how do you walk that oneness out on a day to day basis? This 2-disc CD set will set be a constant reminder to you of your position as one who embodies Christ. It is no longer about you and what you can do, but about Christ and what he has already done. The affirmations will be received through an interactive dialogue between God and a male or female voice to represent you. Specify when you order if you want male or female.

The tracks on this CD are: Abide in Him, Empowered in Him, Equipped in Him, Supplied in Him, Free in Him, Overcome in Him, Transform in Him, Bear Fruit in Him, Reveal Him, Minister to Him, Serve Him,  Confident in Him, Trust Him, Walk in Him, Interact with Him, Stand Firm in Him, Bear His Presence, Demonstrate Him, Release Him, Faithful to Him, Embody Him, Commissioned by Him, Identify with Him, Grow In Him, Testify of Him, Represent Him. As you listen to these CD’s, you will be better equipped to practice what you learned in Phase 3 of The Ultimate Journey: to surrender your life and allow Christ to live his life through you.

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