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Walking Out the New Self CDs

Do you want to have healthy relationships with the people in your life? Do you want to be able to relate with them without “getting your buttons pushed”? These CDs will help you walk out the reality of Christ living in you as it relates to how you interact with others whether you are a spouse, parent, child, employee, etc… By listening to these life-changing CDs you will mentally shift from feeling a need to change other people to complete reliance on the life of Christ living through you to impact the relationships around you. (2 ½  hours of listening)

Disc One: Christ-Through-Me; Husband; Wife

Disc Two: Parent; Child; Sibling; Friend

Disc Three: Employee; Co-Worker; Leader; Community Member; Neighbor

Disc Four: A printable version of discs one through 3 in Word and PDF formats

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