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Phase 1 Program

ATTENTION: This course is designed to be done in a small group led by a trained The Ultimate Journey facilitator.  Contact us to join a group if you don’t already have one.  If there is not a local weekly group near you, you might consider attending one of our 3-day turbo sessions.

Unpacking Self-Deception

Discover how you got to where you are today and why you see yourself the way you do. While the events of your past are significant, what is more important is how you came to see yourself because of those events. The events of your past have likely trained you to have false beliefs about yourself, others, life and especially God. These false beliefs keep you from experiencing the life and freedom God intended for you. As you learn to trade self-deception for God’s true perception of you, you will heal and be free to boldly become the person God created you to be. (13 Lessons)

This book is used in tandem with the Study Guide that will lead you and others through a facilitated, small group that will help you process through your past life experiences in a safe, structured, format.

Study Guide

The Study Guide is to be used along with all three phases of The Ultimate Journey. It includes numbered lessons that correspond to the weekly readings in the books for each of the Phases. In the Study Guide there are things to learn, read, write, complete, prepare and answer. Other than for Phase 1, this book can be used for self-study along with the Phase 2 and 3 Books and the Phase 2 and 3 Teaching DVDs. The Study Guide comes with the Phase 1 Book.

If you are purchasing this product for someone other than yourself, please use Phase 1 Program Gift.

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