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Phase 1 Program Gift

While this is exactly the same as the Phase 1 Program, this Gift option is to be used when purchasing the Phase 1 Program for someone else. If you select to purchase this as a gift, you will be asked for your billing information as well as the contact information for the Gift Recipient to receive all of the supplemental resources and correspondence through an account. If you are wanting to purchase the Phase 1 Program for yourself, you should NOT purchase this as a gift and, instead, click here: Phase 1 Program.


When you purchase the Phase 1 Program Gift, your Recipient will be registered for the class and receive an email with instructions to access to the Online Portal where he or she can listen to the Phase 1 audio-book, read or print the Phase 1 Book and Study Guide, watch the Weekly Videos, and access other helpful resources. If your recipient already has access to the Online Portal, this Phase will show up after your purchase.


If your Gift Recipient would like an optional hard copy of the Phase 1 Book or Study Guide, the option to purchase individually or as a bundle is available from the Online Portal AFTER you purchase the Phase 1 Program Gift Purchase.


Term of Purchase: Your Online Portal access will continue to be active as long as you open emails from The Ultimate Journey. Otherwise, your email provider will assume you no longer want to be connected to The Ultimate Journey and will block our emails resulting in the need to disconnect your Online Portal access.

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