Phase 1 Resources

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Orientation Video

The 42-minute Orientation Video is broken into three parts.  While it is broken into three parts for your viewing convenience, we encourage you to watch all three parts before starting Phase 1.

Part 1: The Ancient Journey Part 2: The 3-Phase Process Part 3: Demonstrations

 Fairy Tale Examples

A Bear Faces His Losses A Feary Tale
A Long Ago Tale of Woe A Tale of a Lion, a Poodle, a Magnet, and a Tadpole
At the Library Family of Beavers
Green Artichokes in a Jam Kennel Land
Koala the Bear Song Given Destiny
Stardust The Boots Family
The Circus Deanne The Daughter of a Kingdom
The Diner The Dog Pack
The Empty Box The Invisible Boy and the Land of Good Intentions
The Kingdom The Lamb and the Lion
The Land of Unlovely The Loving Gardener & the Three Little Seeds
The Marionette The Nice’s
The Owls in the Land of Perfection The Pit
The Plant Family The Prince
The Timid Church Mouse The White Cadillac
The Wolf Pack To Board a Ship

Cutting the Cord Letters

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

Declaration of Independence

Example 1 Example 3 Example 5 Example 7
Example 2 Example 4 Example 6 Example 8

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