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A silversmith places the silver into the fire to purify it. He refines it over and over until all the dross is removed and he can look into it and clearly see his reflection. Similarly, God continues refining us so we can clearly reflect His image and likeness.

Going through The Ultimate Journey/Christ-Life may have felt like you were going through God’s refining fire. No doubt, a number of your corrupted childhood mindsets were brought to the surface, and like dross, were burned away by exchanging them for God’s truth. One of the tools used to stoke that refining fire was the allegories; for example, do you remember The Beach Ball of Truth?

Perhaps on this leg of your journey, you see yourself needing more refining. Just like the silversmith is not focused on the impurities but on the end result, God refines us for our good and for His glory to be seen through us.

We are excited to make available a free, four-week demo of Refine Your Mind – A weekly audio allegory series designed to bring your mind into alignment with God’s truth about you.

Each week you will receive an email with a link to listen to an allegory from the TUJ curriculum and a few reflection questions for you to ponder.

To take advantage of this free, four-week demo simply click HERE. The full Refine Your Mind weekly audio allegory series includes 50 different allegories and can be purchased in our store or by clicking HERE. We hope you will find this four-week demo beneficial and will choose to purchase the full 50-week series for only $20.

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