February 2015

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What’s happening?

To learn what’s happening at The Ultimate Journeyheadquarters and around the world click here.

Need to move on to the next Phase of your journey or take a refresher? Maybe a turbo is the answer.  Click here to see our new 2015 Turbo Schedule.  By the way, there is a  Phase 3 turbo March 6-7. We would love to have you attend.


Growing Forward

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?  More resolutions.  More commitments.  More willpower.  Perhaps your top resolution this year should be to abandon ship.  Read more.

Mining Pick

Nuggets of Truth

“Got buttons?  Someone can only ‘push your buttons’ … if you … Read more.


Do you remember?


While we have no control over the actions of others, we do have choices as to how we will respond.  The important thing isn’t what others say or do, but rather how we respond.  Let’s take another look at “The Mysterious Lagoon” you live in.  Read more.

Kids Corner

Kids Corner 

Check out Kathie Hobson’s most recommended books for children that teach TUJ principles. Read more about how to use these great books for kids.  


He’s working! 

“They didn’t know I was holding a loaded 45.” Wow!  You really have to check out this amazing two minute video.  Watch 2-minute video

Seed Packet

Plant – Water – Harvest

“I bring your awesome presence with me wherever I go.  I am free to interact directly with You, the Living God.  You have made me a white-hot branding iron that carries the eternal fire of Your presence.  Every interaction I have with others is indirect because I am always dealing directly with You!”

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