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Phase 3 Turbo

This 2-day intensive session is a very practical teaching/workshop that covers all of the material in the traditional 13-week Phase 3.

During the Phase 3 Turbo, you will take the love of God beyond head knowledge into the reality of your everyday life. You will leave the turbo with a personal Christ-In-Me Identity Statement.  It will reflect the oneness of your relationship with Christ.  It will also reflect the truth about you that will set you free from the issues/lies of your past. You will also walk away with a personal Christ-Through-Me Identity Statement that will help you in your relationships with other significant people in your life. Additionally, you will take with you a personalized plan of how you will continue to renew your mind.  All Phase 3 Turbos are co-taught by Jim Hobson, National Director, and Kathie Hobson, National Training Director.

After paying here for your Phase 3 Turbo, please complete your registration by emailing the dates of the session you wish to attend and if you will be attending in person or virtually to

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