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Refine Your Mind

Going through The Ultimate Journey may have felt like you were going through God’s refining fire as a number of your corrupted childhood mindsets were brought to the surface, and like dross, were burned away by exchanging them for God’s truth. One of the tools used to stoke that refining fire was the allegories.

One great way to continue that life transforming refining process is to go back through those powerful allegories. You can easily do that through Refine Your Mind – A weekly audio allegory series designed to bring your mind into alignment with God’s truth about you

For each of the next 50 weeks, you will receive an email with a link to listen to an allegory from the TUJ curriculum and a few reflection questions for you to ponder. As you continue to Refine Your Mind, may an even clearer reflection of His image and likeness be seen in and through you.

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