Program Ordering Changes

FAQ’s About How Your Participants Order TUJ Program

1.  How do I communicate with participants on how to register for their class?

The Ultimate Journey online registration process is similar to ordering anything else online from a website store, except the participant will need to know their Group Code and approximate Start Date.  Once we have received your Facilitator Registration form, you may contact us for your Group Code. Your Group code is your church web address i.e. If you are leading groups outside of a church setting, our offices will assign you a specific code to use.

2.  What if a participant does not have the ability to order online?

This should be rare, but when it applies, we assume they will have someone they know who could order the book for them.  If not, we would ask that you, or someone else, place the order for them.

3.  What if someone doesn’t order their book in time for the first class?

The first lesson for each phase can be reviewed online or downloaded. The lesson includes the study guide material as well. Or, if you prefer, you can make copies of the download to keep on hand and give them out when needed.  These downloads can be found in the Resources section of the website under whichever phase they are taking.

4.  What is the cost of taking the program?

The price for going through each phase is $50.  As a reminder, the registration fee is not just for the books but is to help underwrite the cost of making this program available.  Each individual going through The Ultimate Journey should share in their part of the cost and be registered directly with us, so sharing of books is not permitted. Some churches do provide scholarships for individuals who cannot afford the full amount.  In those cases, we highly recommend that they be expected to pay whatever they can so they have “ownership” in the process.

5.  What if the church is paying for or partially paying for a participant?

The Ultimate Journey online Store allows for someone to purchase the program as a gift for someone else and put in the new participant’s contact information so they will be sure to receive all the benefits of being registered for the class.  Simply go to the Store and be sure to select the “Gift” version of the book.  If costs are being shared, one party will need to run the full payment on their credit card and the other will simply pay them for the part they are paying.

6.  Will participants have to pay for shipping?

Yes. People are accustomed to paying for shipping when they order items online. Shipping is determined by weight. The standard price for shipping the books is $4.50 (5-8 days). If they need it expedited, or if they order additional materials, the cost will be adjusted accordingly. If a person wants to pick up their book directly from the office in Des Moines they can do that by choosing “pick up at office” under shipping.

7.  How does this affect when I conduct my Orientation Meeting?

If you are having an Orientation Meeting before your initial groups start, do it early enough in order to give people a chance to order and receive their books in time for the first class.
The Orientation Video (42 minutes), which is the same one that is in your Phase 1 Teaching DVDs, can be found in the Resources Section under Phase 1.  This way if someone does happen to miss the Orientation Meeting, they don’t have to make up that session as they can simply watch the video online.

8.  Will I, as a facilitator or group director be able to receive the emails that the participants in my group are receiving?

If you would like to receive the same emails that the participants are receiving, please email us at or call our offices at 515-251-6838.

9. Will you also be tracking who is facilitating?

Group Directors will have online access to a list of all of the registered facilitators associated with their organization in a Group Director Dashboard.  You will be able to designate which ones are active and which phase they are currently facilitating. For a more complete description of this process, contact our office.

10. How will this affect the evaluation process?

Our offices will initiate the evaluation process by sending participants a link to an evaluation form at the end of each phase.  We will also send out evaluation forms to individuals who drop out. Please send a reminder to your participants to fill out the evaluation when they get it.

11. Will I receive copies of my participant’s evaluation forms?

We will forward to your Group Director, or you, if you are the Group Director via email all of the evaluations we receive that pertain to your participants.

12. What other resources are available online?

Leaders (Group Directors and Facilitators) and participants each have a Resources section on the website.  Simply go to the website and click on the Resources tab at the top of the page.

13. I’ve heard that there is a prayer team.  How does that work?

Yes, we are excited that we now have an “official” prayer team.  Participants and leaders can now send in their prayer requests. To send in a prayer request or to sign up to be on the prayer team, simply go to the Alumni section of our website and follow the navigation tabs.

Please contact our office if you have any questions: 515-251-6838 or

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