Phase 1 Turbos

Event Date: [ January 1 — December 31, 2019 ]

Location: Christ-Life Headquarters, Des Moines, IA


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Phase 1 Turbo Description

The Phase 1 Turbo is an intensive 3-day session that will walk you through the same life-changing process that the 13-week option does.  This is not a typical seminar where the leaders do all the talking and the participants sit back and listen.  Most of what you will experience during these three days will be “hands on,” dealing with issues in your own personal life.  This will require that you come willing and ready to be transparent and open.  You will do this in a safe, confidential small group with a facilitator, possibly a facilitator in training, yourself and two other people.

Because space is so limited, you cannot register for the Phase 1 Turbo through our website.  To reserve your space, we require that you talk directly with someone in our offices.  Virtually all sessions do fill up, so if you see a session that works in your schedule, please email us at or call us at (515) 251-6838 as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

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