2015 – February – Kid’s Corner – Recommended Books

Below each book cover you will find a few questions you can ask or thoughts you can ponder with your child as you read together. If you have read other books that do the same, please email me and share them with me. kathie@theultimatejourney.org.


You Are Special by Max Lucado

My favorite children’s book helps kids to see that they are special not because of what they do or what they don’t do, but just because of who and whose they are! Below are some great questions to discuss with your child after reading this book.

1) Do you ever feel like people are putting gray dots or gold stars on you?

2) How does that feel?

3) Does God want us to get gold stars or gray dots? No

–  He want us to be like Lucia. When we trust God’s love for us we don’t care about the stickers.

-The world wants to tell us that we are good and acceptable if we get gold stars and that we are not good enough and unlovable if we get gray dots.

-God loves us for who we are, not what we do. He wants us to obey Him, but He doesn’t love us more or less based on our performance.

-It is okay to be happy when you do well in school or sports or other activities, but that is not what makes you special or good enough. You just are.

4) What does it mean when Eli said, “you are special and I don’t make mistakes.”

-God made each of us just the way He wanted us to be…Our hair, our eyes, our nose, our size. We were created just right in His eyes. He wanted us to be born. The Bible tells us in Psalm 139 that He knew us even before we were born and He was the one that knitted us together inside our moms.

5) When did the dot fall off Punchinello?  Was it when he saw Lucia who had no dots? No. Was it when he met Eli and Eli told him he was special? No

-It was when Punchinello believed in his heart that He was special. When he said, “I think He really means it.” – Whatever God says about you, you have to decide to agree with it in order for you to experience it. God says He loves you. God says He forgives you. God sees you as special. That is when the stickers will fall off.

6) Teach your child this “You Are Special” cheer: Have them stand up and put their hand over their heart and say aloud to themselves:
You are good enough. Not because of what you do, but because God’s words are true and I think you are special too.”



The Treasure Tree by John & Cindy Trent and Gary & Norma Smalley

This delightful book takes you on a journey with four different animals representing the four major personality types. As you read each chapter, ask your child which animal they most identify with, and as you do, your child will discover how God designed them and the giftedness they have to bring to the world. As a result, they will better understand themselves and become more aware of their siblings, friends and others in the world that may be different “animals” than they are. Point out that our personalities are not good or bad or right or wrong, just different. Figure out your personality type too and then see if your child(ren) can identify what animal you are!






The Oak Inside the Acorn by Max Lucado

This book chronicles the journey of the little acorn as it tries to understand its purpose. Along the way the little acorn wants to compare itself to other trees. Mother Oak reminds the little acorn “Just be the tree God made you to be.” As the acorn finds himself a full grown Oak he finally sees how all along God was preparing him for his destiny. The book opens with this letter to parents from Max Lucado that we can all take to heart:

Dear Parent,

God prewired your infant. He scripted your toddler’s strengths. He set your teen on a trajectory. God gave you an eighteen-year research project.  Ask yourself, your relatives, your friends: What sets this child apart? Childhood tendencies forecast adult abilities. Read them. Discern them. Affirm them. Cheerlead them.

You’ve been given a book with no title—read it! A CD with no cover—listen to it. Resist the urge to label before you study. Attend carefully to the unique childhood of your child. Uncommon are the parents who attempt to learn these God-given abilities—and blessed are their children.


Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids by Sarah Young

This children’s version of the best seller presents truths right from the heart of Jesus to your youngster. You will hear biblical concepts taught in Phase 3 of TUJ permeating nearly every page. Enjoy reading the scripture verses each day with your child and discussing the devotional thought presented. A great backdrop to awesome “God conversations” that will be treasured for a lifetime. Recommended for children 5 years old and up.

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