2015 – December Kids Corner – Beckers

“You forgot to turn on our affirmations!” That’s what Addie and Levi Becker say when their parents, Corey and Amanda, forget to turn on the CD of affirmations they made for them.

The Becker Family

Remember how uplifted you felt when affirmations were read to you during The Ultimate Journey? Corey and Amanda Becker felt the affirmations were so valuable that they wanted their children to be blessed by the same truths. So they recorded a set of their own affirmations to play for their kids at bedtime.

“We put the CD together because we learned the importance of sowing and reaping,” Corey says.  “We were hearing these affirmations as adults and felt like it was a great way to start our kids off on the right foot.”

Now their kids as well are benefitting from the affirmations. “We play the CD when the kids are sleeping, so they hear it nearly every night,” Corey says. “It really creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere as the kids get ready for bed.”

The affirmations have become an important part of their children’s daily routine. “They don’t like it if we forget to turn on their affirmations,” Amanda says. “They love hearing them.”

When Corey and Amanda first recorded the affirmations, Addie was about age 2. Addie is now 8, and they have two other children: Levi, age 6, and Tehvah who is 1.

At first Corey and Amanda took the Phase 1 affirmations right out of the book. But now they tailor the affirmations to what’s going on in their children’s lives. And the older children have even begun recording their own affirmations for each other.

“When Tehvah was born,” Amanda says, “we asked the kids, ‘What do you want to tell Tehvah?’ And so they recorded their own affirmations as well. It’s been great to see them grow into this.”

The important thing about the CDs, Amanda says, is that they reinforce what she and Corey are telling their kids during the day. They can see results through their children’s interactions and how they care for each other.

Still, they’re typical kids, Amanda says. They do fight at times. “But there are times when I’ll hear them say something straight out of the affirmation CD, and you know it’s in their hearts and that they believe it.”

Looking for a Christmas idea for your children or grandchildren?  How about making them a personal affirmation CD or even just a simple affirmation book that you can read to them.  They’re not available on Amazon, but we guarantee they will be the best gift under the tree.

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