2014 – September Testimony

The Ultimate Journey was nothing I expected, but it was exactly what I have needed. Eleven years ago, when I was 25, my mother passed away. If someone would have asked me 15 weeks ago what the root of many of my issues are, I would have been tempted to blame them on the significant loss of the only person who ever loved me unconditionally. However, going back to day 1 of my life helped me to dig up a lot of other “stuff” that has plagued my life in some way.   This experience taught me not only how to process that devastating loss, but it also taught me how to confront my issues with rejection, unworthiness, and self-loathing, and to process that loss after all these years. When I wrote my goodbye letter to my mother, I felt so connected to her.  Then, when I shared it in my class, the release I felt was, well…. I haven’t quite found a word for it. It was a Holy Spirit moment.

I felt like every week, I left class with a deepened connection to my God, my allies, myself, and this journey.    At the last class, when Kathie Hobson shared during the video that she had lost her mother, I quietly praised God for sending someone who has gone before me on this path.

I have been seeking the Lord about becoming a facilitator at my church.  I would find it so rewarding to have a “front row seat” to watching the Holy Spirit move in the lives of those who have come to unpack their self-deception.

Thank you for this curriculum!


Nikki Mercer – Champaign, Illinois


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