2014 August – So Many Choices

So Many Choices

Some things will always be outside our control, such as the weather climate. But we can change the climate of our inner being.

As adults, we get to choose what goes on inside us. We choose our mental atmosphere by what we think and talk about all day.

But at times we forget that it’s up to us to choose our inner climate. We think and act as though we have no control over how we respond to life. We get into an argument with someone because that person “made you mad,” or so we think. But the truth is that no one can make us mad any more than someone can make us happy. Both anger and happiness are choices we make.

A little girl was once asked why she was happy all the time. To which she replied, “Because I want to be!” The little girl’s simple, straightforward answer was filled with truth. And even though the little girl could control very little of what went on in her young life, she recognized that she could control whether she was happy or sad.

It’s no different for us as adults, no matter what stage of life we’re in or the challenges we face. Because the truth is, whether we are happy or sad, we make the choice.

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