2014 July Nuggets of Truth

"Don't believe everything you think! Your self-talk may be full of lies."

Do you recall this concept from Phase 1? Self-talk is just part of life. What we tell ourselves, whether true or false, good or bad, about ourselves has much to do with the environment we find ourselves in.

There’s great example of this in the Bible—and a stunning contrast—in I Samuel as a relationship develops between King Saul and David. David was called “a man after God’s own heart” because of the things he told himself when facing challenges, even death. Rather than giving in to despair, David consistently turned to the Lord for comfort, safety, and direction. His eyes were on God, not himself or his circumstances.

Saul, on the other hand, had a very different inner conversation. Despite all that God had done for him—chosen him as king, put his Spirit upon him, and blessed him in physical strength and appearance—Saul saw himself as weak, limited, and incapable of rising to the tasks before him.

Saul’s view of himself was much like the Israelite’s response upon learning that giants occupying the Promised Land would have to be driven out. He even felt threatened by the army he commanded and the people who served him! In short, Saul chose to believe lies rather than drawing upon the limitless resources available to him through his Father in heaven.

Make sure you’re always telling yourself the truth, which is based on your position in Christ.


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