2014 July – What’s Happening?

Here’s a quick look at some of the things happening at Christ-Life Ministries:

• Jim recently spent six days in North Carolina teaching a Phase 3 Turbo and meeting with current and prospective leaders. Jim and Kathie are headed to San Diego, California, in August to conduct Phase 1 Turbos.

• We beta-tested The Ultimate Journey Vacation Bible School Curriculum at Harvest Vineyard Church in Ames, Iowa. Children came to “The Harvest Seed Company” where they received lots of good seed and learned how to garden themselves. By the end of the week, the TUJ seeds sown there were already producing huge crops of fruit in the children’s lives. We can’t wait to see what happens as those seeds have an opportunity to grow and produce even more fruit. Preliminary results indicate that Kathie Hobson and her team are definitely on the right track.

• Teen Challenge of Texas reported that they had more than 150 students go through Phase 1 last year with amazing results. Because of the incredible results, they have now changed the structure of their program so that students will now also go through Phase 2.

• Jim & Kathie became grandparents!  Josiah David Koesters was born to David and Meredith Koesters on May 17th.  Jim says that while all babies are cute and adorable, this one really is!

Josiah David Koesters born May 17, 2014 .....

.... Now that's adorable!!!!!

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