On the Journey Testimony

The civil war in my soul is over.  I was spiritually stuck for years, but didn’t know why.  It was The Ultimate Journey experience that revealed the root issue:  my extreme self-hatred.  By hating who I was, I was also hating the One Who chose to make me.  So no wonder I was stuck!

The relationship I had with myself was the juggernaut that The Ultimate Journey helped me locate and overcome.

Thanks to The Ultimate Journey,  I am no longer stuck, telling God He can’t love me because I am too unloveable.  Now I know that I am loveable just because He made me.  The civil war in my soul is over.   I am experiencing God’s love and closeness everyday.  This is the abundant life that Jesus made possible and it IS for the likes of me!!  Glory to God!!

—Tracy P.
Trinidad, CO