More about P1 Testimony

Phase 1 had a significant impact on my life.  I had struggled with an issue for over 23 years, never dealing with it, never being able to even speak about it, constantly stuffing it inside and acting like everything was cool on the outside. Through Phase 1, I learned how to deal with this issue and others.  I learned that life is not perfect and neither are we and everyone has things that have impacted their lives.  But life isn’t over.  We don’t have to hide.  We don’t have to let it have control over us.  We can rise above it all.  We can live joyously.  We can overcome the bondages.  It’s all a matter of choice because God has already set up the system for us to be free; we just need to learn it and garden ourselves in it.

—Kathy V.
Des Moines, IA