The Ultimate Journey


While the people sharing these testimonies are giving credit to The Ultimate Journey, we recognize that Christ is the one who transforms lives. He has given The Ultimate Journey as a process through which people can explore his truth, receive his love, and walk in the freedom he has made available.


“I was holding a loaded 45” (2:46))

“It’s like I have a completely new dad” (1:47)


Phase 1 Testimonies

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Phase 1 Testimonies

The gifts and fruits that The Ultimate Journey class and experience you get cannot be matched!  You will never ever regret the opportunity it will present. I could not be more honest when I say that the material and teachings from The Ultimate Journey have changed my life forever!  I have been set free to go for and do the Lord’s will and bidding!  J.H.

The Ultimate Journey has removed the guilt I have been carrying around all my life. It has freed me to not repeat the same mistakes my parents made with me, with my kids. D.A.

This is an excellent tool for all people to address, deal and release all that we carry around with us.  And learn to see God for who He is and who He created us to be. C.H.

I no longer feel condemned, lost, hurt or even depressed!  I feel like a completely new person and I now know what Isaiah 40:31 truly means when it says: “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings as eagles; They shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.” Thanks to The Ultimate Journey, I truly feel that I am soaring on eagle’s wings!  A.H.

The single most impact was when I looked at my pictures over and over and seeing how precious and innocent I was.  I was able to weep for the little girl I was and see her not as unlovable and damaged goods, but a beautiful creation who didn’t deserve the abuse she received.  I knew it wasn’t God who caused the abuse, but I had to get to the point where I was willing to walk in that truth. M.W.

The Ultimate Journey helped me deal with my anger problem. The Ultimate Journey has TOTALLY set me free of so much stuff—I am free from so many things. My life is so whole now. I believe every person I know should go through this class.  I have been through many counseling things, but this has set me FREE – which makes all the difference in the world. The Ultimate Journey takes you from the start of your life to NOW – which is needed because some things may have started early and everything else just built on those things.

For the first time in my life, I have peace!  I can actually sit by myself and know that Jesus is my Lord and that He is in total control.  The anxiety and depression that has plagued me all my life is gone.   I’ve been set free from the power of drug addiction and fear. C.D.

I have been released from negative self-talk and guilt connected to family members and the past.  I feel lighter with a future that’s brighter— everyday, and it continues to grow as I continue to experience self-discovery and growth. D.B.

For 44 years I was living in bondage, I was riddled with fear and insecurity.  I was always seeking but never seemed to be able to find.  This process has set me free from my past and shame, guilt and fear are not ruling me anymore.  I am now being ruled by faith!!!

I have finally been able to bring up those things from the past that have altered my thought and behavioral patterns in a non-threatening safe environment.  I feel like the weight has finally been lifted from my shoulders.  I can now effectively start a new life with God as my focus or center of my attention.  L.S.

A childhood misperception about being adopted was straightened out.  I felt I was a mistake, a problem. But God doesn’t make mistakes and He planned for me. D.H.

Lies have been revealed and truth has been spoken.  The Ultimate Journey has made me more aware of my choice of words and actions and the impact it can have on someone. My relationship with the Lord has deepened and a lot of burdens that I carried no longer consume me.  Being able to release myself from things of the past have been freeing.  I don’t feel condemned, like others want you to feel, but feel free to worship and grow—finding how Jesus created me to be is most rewarding…live, laugh, dance for Jesus. J.B.

The Ultimate Journey got me back in touch with God, to find emotion and feelings and tools to deal with them.  It was positive, spiritual impact in my life, like finding faith I didn’t know that I had.  My husband says I am more  peaceful and happy, which he hasn’t seen for awhile.  The Ultimate Journey is a good thing—putting God back into your heart! R.B.

Oh my gosh!! Sometimes, those are the only three words I can come up with that describe what The Ultimate Journey has done.  I feel more at peace with myself. I am able to step back and see a situation when I go overboard emotionally and see it more clearly and can ask God to show me what else is underneath that is causing it.  I am more assertive. I can say, “no.”  I can say, “Hey, that is wrong!”  I am learning about boundaries. And most of all, I am beginning a new relationship with God that is healthier and much wealthier.

I have learned that I’m loved no matter what – I’ve learned that I don’t have to do it all on my own, that Christ is there for me.  I’ve seen how I want to change my life so that I may set forth the right example and foundation in my home for my children. C.H.

FREEDOM.  The Ultimate Journey gave me the ability to see false patterns in my life, survey the damage caused and see how God wants us to deal with this.  It has given me the tools I need to deal with the destructive patterns through my life.  I feel like a stronger person with a new identity of who I am in Christ.  “My heart is spoken for by God.”

The Ultimate Journey process has allowed me the opportunity (safe haven) to face all those issues in my life up to this point which have caused me turmoil, guilt and unrest. The impact The Ultimate Journey has had has been huge – it really is difficult to put into words how these thirteen weeks have empowered me. The Ultimate Journey has given me a hunger and thirst for the Lord and I had never experienced and The Ultimate Journey has given my soul rest!

The Ultimate Journey should be mandatory for everyone to take!  I can’t speak highly enough about it. I loved the Lord before – but it was more out of obligation, or because it was right/mandated. Now I love Him out desire and awe.   K.U.

Aside from being saved, getting married, and seeing my children arrive, probably the most important and impactful event of my life. God peeled away my false self and showed me who I am and for the first time I can remember. It allowed me to believe the truth about me.  Even with adequate space to write in, The Ultimate Journey defies description. Deeply spiritual and deeply true. I no longer wake up afraid every morning.  I know who I really am, and I like it. I speak the truth as I understand it, even when it might make me look bad or seem weak or make someone uncomfortable.  My marriage is great.  I’m a better father.  I have more courage and faith.  I’m not addicted to pornography or lust.  I have freedom. I received good counsel to put aside my expectations and ask God to follow His agenda with me and accomplish His will.  I came as a broken, confused man and God worked in me in ways I didn’t expect and truthfully, didn’t believe possible. If I had written a wish list, all wishes would have been granted and then some.

I was emotionally “stuck” four years after divorce was final – specifically unable to forgive myself – the failure of martial relationship.  It is all God—the people brought together in our small group – the fantastic facilitator – the HEALING – that four years of off and on streamline counseling could NOT provide – God is in The Ultimate Journey –which is why the HEALING takes place.  Z.K.

I feel like I am more confident in myself.  I have changed in so many ways.  I am a better mother to my kids and siblings. I show more affection, I am more loving, I know how to deal with problems better now than just stuff them inside and even communicating.  A.K.

The Ultimate Journey has allowed me to really and truly become a person.  I now have the ability to feel things without basing my feelings and needs on those of othersThe Ultimate Journey is the best tool for bringing needed healing, awareness and closure to the lives of people that I have ever, ever seen. K.S.

WOW!!!!  The Ultimate Journey course was truly amazing and life-altering, but the hardest thing I have ever done.  K.M.

Probably the most significant thing how my dad never told me he loved me or helped me think through a lot of the relational and emotional parts of life —without a role model and little or no video tapes on how to do this, I have found myself not engaged in these things with my wife or kids either. Upon realizing this (and recognizing that I had a critical attitude) – saying goodbye to all of this and hello to affirmations and the reality that God has placed in me the ability to have good deep relationships – I am already seeing significant changes in my children.

HUGE!  The Ultimate Journey affected all areas of my life.  My job (daycare provider) has new life and my relationship with my daughter has improved 180%!  I was not prepared for the changes I’ve experienced. This is a great opportunity for anyone with questions about who they are or what their place is in this world.  Be prepared to give change your life through The Ultimate Journey. It is worth it!  J.B.

The Ultimate Journey has helped me to identify the lies that Satan has controlled me with and from that to look closer at the truth of God and grow closer to Him.  It helped me to realize that I couldn’t control my parents and that I learned behavior from them, but then it taught me the most important thing and that is that I can’t change the past, but I can change the future by changing my thought patterns and allowing God to work through me.  C.F.

I’ve become a much happier person and I view challenges in a completely different way.  I view my Youth Group kids in whole new light.  I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted from my heart.  R.R.

I have been amazed by the impact of The Ultimate Journey.  I had dealt with a lot of “stuff” already, but as we continued through the course, the Lord was able to reveal and heal some wounds that I had buried so deep and denied so long that I really didn’t know they were there anymore.  D.S.

I have accomplished my goal of growing closer to God and knowing that He is in control all the time and that He loves me no matter what.  I have also learned to love myself and to let go of all the garbage I have been carrying that has kept me from being closer to God. M.W.

I have been set free from being the “middle man” in every co-dependent situation/relationship in my life.  I have learned to recognize lies and tell myself the truth.  When something happens that triggers me, I don’t have to call someone – I can go with God, write it out, grieve, understand my real feeling and ally myself.  Tell myself the truth about what God says about me!  I am free!  D.S.

The Ultimate Journey as made a powerful difference in my life and provided a safe and confidential forum for me to express my joys and sorrows openly, honestly, without fear of judgment.  B.L.

The Ultimate Journey has allowed me to identity and deal with the sexual abuse I suffered at the hands of older siblings.  Also, completely forgive my father for his selfish abandonment of his children.  R.W.

My life has changed dramatically due to The Ultimate JourneyInstead of trying to please others, I now concentrate on living my life to honor Christ.  I am no longer living my life on a roller coaster of emotions because I know God loves me no matter what.  I control the effort, God controls the outcome.  Through The Ultimate Journey, I uncovered some baggage I have been carrying around for 41 years.  I was able to identify with it and process these emotions and move on. B.H.

The Ultimate Journey has been the best, most intense group I’ve ever been a part of.  Worth every moment of energy and effort needed to complete.  It is a tremendous tool God definitely used and directed in my life and those around me to bring more insight and freedom!  It is hard not to be excited about how God is using The Ultimate Journey

I have made major changes and will continue to do this.  My husband and family have noticed a huge difference in my attitude and my life. S.B.

I view things differently.  For once, I have been able to look at my Dad and say he was wrong in what he did.  I have learned to forgive him and forgive myself.  I still have a few regrets, but not with the self-inflicting pain.  R.C.

The Ultimate Journey has had a profound effect on my life. I am more at peace than ever before.  I have learned to trust again.  I think of God as the Father I never had.  I learned that it is God’s intention that I take care of myself.  The affirmations have also greatly changed me in positive ways. V.D.

I realize that everything that happened to me was not my fault.  That I have value to God and that who I used to be is not who I am today.  I’ve seen that there has been a pattern of self-contempt and self-abuse, and how something that happened to me as a little child can affect me my entire life, or now, until I recognize it and break the pattern.  T.P

I understand why The Ultimate Journey ministry is growing, and I understand why it’s a little slower growing than I had expected.  This is not easy.  It’s extreme commitment and discipleship.  It’s not a lot of nice “head knowledge” to be tucked away for later when we need it. The Ultimate Journey requires sacrifice – of time and of self (flesh).  It is SO worth it – the key is not to look at how hard it is, or uncomfortable it is, but to look at God’s big picture – THE VICTORY!  P.C.

A new outlook on life, and my relationship with Jesus. The Ultimate Journey has blessed me and brought new hope for my future.  A new peace and trust in God.  Because it was time to get out of the rut I’ve been stuck in forever.  To let God do whatever He wanted to change my life. The Ultimate Journey will change your life.  Bring hope, joy, peace, and trust in Jesus, when there was a block from the enemy before.  Also because The Ultimate Journey helps you become real with yourself and Jesus. It is a blessing from God.  L.H.

The Ultimate Journey has done so much for me and has totally showed me that my upbringing was the same way I was raising my children.  A home that has a negative attitude and that brings down the household.  My correction to my children was the same way my mother corrected me as a child.  The Lord is showing me how to love my family with His love and that I can change and become the person He has called me to be.

The Ultimate Journey helped me to face many issues I didn’t even know affected my everyday life.  I‘ve been able to face and grieve them, and put them where they belong. I think The Ultimate Journey is great!!!  Everyone would or could benefit from it.  It really forces you to be honest with yourself and it gives you direction to deal with your issues of life.

I didn’t even realize how much of my past wounds I carried around and I found myself REACTING all the time to the world around me.  I was so very wounded and put up defenses and hurled bitterness and wounded others.  When the true and genuine Love of God reached me in Des Moines, I gave Him full access to all of me, including my wounds and my ways.  He gently began the healing and I am so grateful that I no longer have to carry the pain.  Jesus carried my pain to the cross (hallelujah!).

The Ultimate Journey put me in touch with me!  And opened a door that I didn’t know was closed. It allowed me to get in touch with My Father in Heaven’s love. K.M.

The Ultimate Journey has been so affirming!  I have had a lot of guilt and shame over past experiences and this has given me the opportunity to view things in a more positive manner, to forgive and feel forgiven, to know I am valued and worthy. N.B.

It is very hard to put this into words… but I am free and I am whole for the first time in my life – I have relaxed and learned how to not over-please and perform.  I have learned how rest in what God is doing and not have to fix it for anyone else.  I’ve learned to “care less”, but not in such a way that I am careless … It’s very liberating and eye-opening. R.L.

Because I used to hear, “Give it to God.” But no one would show me how and Christ has done a mighty work in me through The Ultimate Journey. N.M.

I feel as though I have had a breakthrough in my everyday life.  People who see me everyday can see change happening.  I feel The Ultimate Journey has allowed me to stop carrying some baggage that has hindered me from living the life Christ intended for me.  I feel forever changed by The Ultimate Journey.  It assists in breaking through to the life that Lord wants for you. T.S.

The Ultimate Journey has helped me see myself through God’s eyes.  He knows the good, bad and the ugly truth about me and loves me anyway.  I’ve always known God loves me, but I didn’t always feel it.  I now have compassion for myself where as I used to feel hatred. This compassion I believe is what God feels for each and every one of us. A.D.

The Ultimate Journey has helped me realize my unhealthy patterns where they came from and how to stop them and start new ones that come from God and are healthy in my life and those involved with it.  The Ultimate Journey helped me see the needs in others and their own destructive patterns and how to approach their needs and patterns. C.N.

The Ultimate Journey has allowed me to nurture and care for myself in a way that wasn’t done by my caretakers – parents.  It has given me the freedom to unconditionally love my younger self and embrace myself today as an adult.  I also can now see myself as being worthy of my Lord’s love and am able to affirm myself daily!! S.A.

My worst enemy has been myself.  I’ve had some hard circumstances, but I never knew how to affirm myself.  The only language I knew was beat-punch-tear myself down.  I have met a brand new friend – myself – my ally! J.R

The Ultimate Journey helped me to be completely honest and face my reality.  It helped me to put a voice to many things I still had stuffed deep within myself without realizing it.  I voiced things I had never voiced before and gave my emotions a voice.  I was able to recognize the roots behind the lies and unhealthy behavior I’ve been living in.

I was able to identify a single event that changed my life thinking patterns for life… until now.  I was able to see the reality of the moment, accept the pain it brought, forgive and give grace to the other who wounded me and feel now that it over and I am free to enjoy that relationship again.  I thank the Lord He showed me the moment through His eyes and how He used it for good in my life. The allying exercises in The Ultimate Journey are excellent. C.A.

I feel as though a weight I have been carrying around with me for 25 years has been finally lifted.  The day we finished Chapter 6, The Fairy Tale, I felt like I exhaled for the first time in 25 years.  I am no longer consumed with guilt.  I don’t cry whenever I am alone anymore.  I always knew God forgave sins, but I couldn’t accept that for myself until now!  W.B.

Incredible healing and cleansing.  I feel like The Ultimate Journey has allowed me to dump all my garbage, to unload all my toxic shame, intense hurt and sadness.  I’ve unveiled all the lies of my past and from my family and I’ve sorted through it with the help of my group and leader whom I trust and rely on to show me God’s truth and love. C.S.

I signed up to heal wounds I have never talked about, but things surfaced in my responses to conflict, close relationships were still distant and I reacted to people with shame.  I am a people-pleaser, don’t meet my own needs and I wanted to be closer to the Lord, to know His love.  I did not have intimacy with my earthly father and it had distorted what I knew of as intimacy in all relationships. I had pain of rejection.  I am able to know and experience and receive God’s love.  I feel free, liberated, without shame or guilt of where I came from: my past, my pain is healed and I realize the old paradigms and how I did not show my real self before was affecting my relationships.  I am so hungry for the Lord and free to receive His love.  The Ultimate Journey has changed my entire life, my thoughts, freed me from my “numb out” techniques and enabled me to love others and love myself.  Freedom from the past, healings at every age and The Ultimate Journey allowed me to be real, whole and to be loved for who they are.  W.J.

I felt free at this time in my life to remove barriers to deepening my relationship with Christ — to make it more personal and seeking freedom from bondage and cycles of sin in my life.  I’ve never experienced anything more cleansing and healing for the purpose of bringing peace and closure to past areas of hurt, shame, guilt and pain associated with sin in my life and believing lies.  The barriers interfering with me growing a personal relationship with Jesus are being knocked down and areas of past pain are being validated and healed.  Voids are being filled in a real way – based on truth. This Ultimate Journey material and process are written so well and are carefully crafted to bring reality and transparency to places, feelings and experiences that needed to be “called out” for what they are.  Since the majority are lies, it’s comforting to have others help bring truth and healing to those points in life that were crucial in our perceptions. S.V

My goal for coming to The Ultimate Journey was to get in touch with my emotional self again.  For about the last six years, I had been “closed down” and could be described as emotionless or cold.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, the condition of being emotionless and insensitive received a direct hit by “God’s heavenly torpedo!”  As I was going through this process by the sweet mercy of God, I cried those hot tears of refreshing release… wonderful!!!!!  I know now that I can still respond to the compassion and moving of the Holy Spirit. Be encouraged that what you are doing is a great program with great results.

The Ultimate Journey has forced me to deal with things that I did not want to admit to in an environment where I felt safe and lovedThe Ultimate Journey has also helped me to identify things that were impacting my life that I never realized affected me.  R.H.

The Ultimate Journey has changed the way I think.  I see people differently.  I know I have value for God created me to be me.  I feel better equipped to deal with family members.  I have tools to use when I begin negative thinking and comparing myself to others.  Just identifying and writing out old patterns was huge for me. S.K.

I knew I had a lot of things from my past coming back to the forefront of my mind and I knew I needed to face the hurts of my past and change.  I did not want to live a life full of negativity and seeking the wrong things to feel loved.  I wanted to grow in the Lord and seek a life built on His strength and not my own – a joy-filled life and a life centered on Christ and His love for me.I am a different person than when I started the Ultimate Journey.  It has helped me accept the reality of my life then and now in order to get rid of the dark past and step into the light to be filled by Christ’s love alone.  I can see the lies for what they are now and face them to change — not in my own strength or selfishness. This has been an amazing life-changing experience that I would recommend to anyone. This process reveals the lies we tell ourselves because of the past experiences and it will help you move forward to a healthier, Christ-centered life.  It will allow you to see yourself through God’s lenses and understand God’s love for you. B.K.

The Ultimate Journey has changed my life and brought me closer to Christ.  It was awesome to get to the bottom of things and have Christ heal my wounds of the past. J.V.

The Ultimate Journey has given me the courage to stand up for myself and to not let my past control my future.  I realize that everything good or bad in my life has made me the person I am today.  I have new tools to handle situations that bother me.  I can face them and move on.  No longer do I need to dwell on these things.  I have God and myself to get me through them. L.H.

Phase 2 Testimonies

My experience has been life-changing.  I will never be the same.  Praise the Lord!  Going through The Ultimate Journey was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, besides accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior. K.J.

I now have the freedom of walking in the knowledge and greater revelation of who I am because of Jesus and His sacrifice, which covers every area of my life; spirit, soul and body. I feel more whole and complete in Christ. I had just become a widow after 38 years of being married. Phase 2 put me back together again as a whole new person in Christ. Many times I would get so excited as I read the lessons as I realized Jesus is all I need.  V.C.

You asked me how The Ultimate Journey has impacted my life. It was absolutely life-changing.  Having been raised in church, I accepted much of the “do’s and don’ts” as part of my thinking; always striving to please God, even after I became a believer.  So much of my Christian life has been that striving to please others and feel accepted by God because of all the good things I was doing.  I can remember knowing my mind was to be renewed and even trying to do that by memorizing scripture and striving to think differently when I knew my thoughts weren’t pleasing to the Lord.  All in my own strength, I’m sorry to say. The Ultimate Journey has opened me to complete freedom in worship and relating to God, knowing HE has it all covered.  No striving.  Just letting Him direct and perfect whatever He has for me to do, say, think, and every aspect of my being.

The discovery that who I was created to be vulnerable and dependent on God was very liberating.  I no longer love to carry a load of that is destructive in its weight. To expose the shame, fear, and destructive coping behaviors has diminished their stronghold on my life.  I have been able to re-acquaint myself with the person God wants me to be. M.J.

Everything about my life has changed.  I can truly feel Him inside of me.  I have been transformed by His unending love and promises for me.  I let go of the last of my cards (that) I didn’t want to give Him.

My love for God has continued to grow deeper.  I was willing to let God be in total control even through the shattered dream I was walking through was very painful.  God proved that I am worthy to Him.  Thank you Lord!

There is nothing else I have ever experienced in my life that has had an impact on me emotionally and spiritually as this course of study.

I am at so much more peace now.  I know that I am hopelessly incomplete without God.  I will never be able to get back to the self life.  God has cleansed, purified my spirit, and set me free.  He transformed my present, past and future.  I have been reborn into the new eternal covenant life that is my true, eternal identity and destiny.  I will never see myself the same as I used to prior to taking Phase 2.

The Ultimate Journey helped me to break free from lies I have believed about my relationship with God and the world.  Given me a peace and rock solid, calm assured conviction that self-life holds nothing of value.  It has been so wonderful to compare The Ultimate Journey life and self life (Track A and B) really made me understand and crave Track A for my life.

The Ultimate Journey continued the process of turning my life upside down.  I have been a Christian all my life and have “known” the principles, but it was head knowledge and puzzle pieces.  I now understand much more of the Bible, and have a deeper intimacy with Jesus.  This is life-changing!

My striving is now only to enter into His rest.  I take all my troubles and joys to Him instead of looking for worldly solutions.  I feel my purpose is to do His will and let Him live in me.

I have been able to really give more of myself up and begin living my relationship with Christ as me being the body and Christ living through me.  S.B

Having been in church literally all of my life, and having been a pastor’s son, I am still amazed at how much the truths I learned in The Ultimate Journey were such a startling surprise to me.  The truth of who Christ was to me, personally, and what He did for me by being my Blood Covenant Representative has revolutionized my life and brought me such peace in knowing who I am in Him.  The pressure to perform to earn God’s love has been released, and I am freer now than at any other time in my life.  I do have more healing to receive, but I know He is able, and more than that, willing to meet my needs.

I discovered an amazing God and a close relationship with Him. When I was able to surrender everything to Him, trust Him 100%, realizing that without Him I am nothing. Life brought me to that point. Christ in me, through me, as me, became my strength, life joy. G.C.

I have freedom in my walk with the Lord and freedom with friends and family. I know that I have a blood covenant with the Most High God and that He will do the work and all I have to do is obey and let Him do it through me.

There was from the very beginning a revealing of deep hurts and answers to the questions of the whys I always asked myself about me.  Hurts were healed in Phase 1 and in Phase 2, there was such an awareness of self and the need for change and that change could only come about because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross.  Covenant became so real and the responsibilities of being in covenant with the Lord and others.  I became aware of the need to die to self daily and to place an absolute trust in God (100% trust).  He is continuing to help me to change and to love Him with ALL my heart and serve Him and others.  My gardener eyes are keener as I look upon others and I have more compassion for them.  The Ultimate Journey is an on-going experience.  I realize now how many things I did on my own as a Christian without seeking the Lord’s advice and guidance.  I also realize many times I put my agenda before the Lord’s agenda.  I praise God for The Ultimate Journey because He has opened my eyes to my true self and the person He called me to be and I am excited because through Him and with Him, I can change and be the child of God He destined me to be.

It’s clearer to me what Christ’s life and death meant to me and what my life can and should look like.  It’s reinforced what I need to do to stay on the path.1) God first.  2) Everything else. C.H.

Much more healing has taken place.  My thoughts, beliefs and understanding of who I am and who God is has totally changed.  My dependency on Him is genuine and I do not rely on what the world has to tell you.  The “lies” learned of in Phase 1 have slowly diminished.  Truth has been revealed and have been set free from bondage, lies that Satan wanted to keep me under.  My walk/relationship with Jesus is much more deeper meaning than ever before.  It has been an amazing journey so far. J.B.

The Ultimate Journey has given me assurance of His leading and helped me to know I can depend on God at all times, in everything. R.S.

The Ultimate Journey has given me a deeper, more complete understanding of the blood covenants – especially His Eternal Covenant with us in which He supplies everything I need to be who He has called me to be. Continued confidence – trust in Him. S.K.

I am daily more aware of my need to abandon my self-life and depend on Christ for my every need and situation. I am more aware of what I try to fill my life with and can now say “no” to those things on a more regular basis. I am living out the Christ-Life in a more consistent basis and enjoying it!  J.L.

I feel I left my orphan spirit.  I am more keenly aware that every person in Christ is in covenant with Him and I don’t have to worry about correcting them — judging them — they are His!

I have moved to a new dimension in my walk in Christ.  Ownership of my life has changed hands.  I can surrender each thing I want to hold onto because I am already dead, already given it all to God.  I can get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit flow through me, not just to me.

Amazing! I’m more conscious of my thoughts and actions. I really desire to leave my self-life behind and move into Christ-Life. I look at many things differently and surprised I didn’t see things that way before.  B.P.

My experience has been life-changing.  I will never be the same.  Praise the Lord!  Going through The Ultimate Journey was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, besides accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior. K.J.

Phase 3 Testimonies

From where I was before Phase 1 to now is so radically different! Phase 3 let me get over that last hurdle. I was hanging on to being a victim. Through me, Christ is finding a way to reach others who are hurting and struggling to move on—I am excite to disciple this way!

Phase 3 has helped me to trust more in God.  As I fill myself with the pictures of who God wants me to be, I see Him coming out of me more and more.  The confidence that I have now – knowing that God is living through me is absolutely amazing to me and I am excited to see how God is going to use me to plant seeds into those around me.  C.F.

The result of putting into practice the Phase 3 material has been like getting new glasses and hearing aids! What I see and perceive is so different when I view life through Father’s view of me, others, etc. The tools– specifically developing the Christ-in-Me and Christ-through- Me statements have been very helpful to me.  D.M.

In the past, I so easily agreed to do things that came up even when I desperately did not want to do so. I had never been taught to have my own voice, so I didn’t know how to stand up for what I thought, felt, or needed. Through Phase 3, I acquired the tools to no longer react with the same victim mentality I had always known. It also helped me to replace many of the lies in my own head with truth. Since everything starts with a thought, THAT changed everything. C.

MY life experiences have molded me into something beautiful for God to use.  That God’s love is amazingly incomprehensible, and that the Holy Spirit indwelling in me is power to be used for His glory. I have been able to see a difference in my thoughts and reactions towards people and situations.  My willingness to hear and act upon the Holy Spirit has improved. I have a higher level of awareness of the Holy Spirit leading me. C.R.

As I focused on installing the new picture of Christ in me and through me, I became accepting and joyful of the daughter He created me to be. I began to live from that with abandon and without apology. The realization of deep peace and joy at watching God use my words, my vessel for His purposes has been overwhelming in such a wonderful way. All this took me to a deeper ability to trust God and rest as I watch and participate with Him. Whatever He is doing is fine with me and the outcome no longer worries me. How could I ever have thought that my ways were the best? That God let’s me participate with Him in this way still blows me away. He is so awesome!!!  D.S.

Changed forever—Phase 3 has been the culmination of a foundation to equip me with what I need to grow closer to God and fulfill His great commission.  R.J.

I needed to replace my self-life picture, paradigms and structure with those of Christ.  God created me to do everything with Him and in and through Him, we are to be one in Him.  Life is a lagoon, what are we going to put into it — good or critic!  Prepare for curtain time. He has called us to be disciples.  We are to “Go” and light our world.  I now don’t just have a personal relationship with Christ, but am developing an intimate relationship with Him.  He will supply everything that I need. His love is air-tight!  His desires are becoming my desires.  I want Him to fill me and together garden those around me.  I desire only good and love to come out of me, not the critic!  My words are to be His words. I am beginning to see through the gardener’s eyes for myself, not just for others.  R.G.

I recognize negative thoughts much more quickly and can fight them off.  I also know I can’t change anyone — only God can.  Life isn’t about me fixing myself/self-help. It’s about relying on and trusting Christ for everything. A.C.

The Ultimate Journey has made me take a step backward and re-evaluate everything.  I also feel like it has helped strengthen my relationship with Christ because all of my defense mechanisms are gone.

I have less anger.  A year ago, I was a pretty angry person and I don’t feel that way!  Eating well, taking care of self, serving others continuously. I have a closer relationship/understanding of God (Bible, etc.). I have renewed energy. The Ultimate Journey has significantly improved relationships!  My husband is happier, laughs and smiles more.  My positive attitude is steadier, I feel it became stronger, more energy. Tackle new things and life is very enjoyable.

Phase 3 was awesome — it helped to explain and transfer information into living it out through real life. K.H.

My life is 100% about Christ and 0% about me!  God gives me everything I need – I am weak, helpless, dependent, incomplete and limited.  But Christ fills me with His indwelling Presence and I am complete in Him. Circumstances do not govern how I feel or react.  Christ has cut the cord of my past and I no longer have to live there!  Christ is my oasis.  I see others and circumstances through my seeing–eye God.  M.K.

More confidence.  Knowing that I am a child of God, seeing and hearing the difference between self-life and Christ-life.  Reading and hearing the affirmations.  Eight-sided house (paradigm) ..  you are where you have chosen to be. L.A.

I have been freed from a variety of negative thought patterns.  I see myself now as a child of the King and have a desire to turn all things over to Him to manage.  It is like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders.  All things are possible through Him.

I can honestly say I knew most of the principles coming in, but this has given me the words to express things with great clarity.  I think I have learned to “be still” and let Christ take the lead.  I feel like I am less impulsive and I am much more conscious of my actions and how they reflect Christ. M.C.

I became a believer five years ago.  I heard about The Ultimate Journey through my Bible Study leader.  Decided to go through it because I knew I needed a change in my life.  The process was grueling and exciting and life-changing.  I live my life with Christ in me now, which allows me to be more patient and gentle. Focusing on Christ, you live in a grace and freedom that you did not have before.

My experience has been life-changing.  I will never be the same.  Praise the Lord!  Going through The Ultimate Journey was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, besides accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior. K.J.


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