How can I include Christ-Life Ministries, Inc. in my estate planning?

Not long ago we received a telephone call from a couple asking for our legal name.  That might seem a little scary at first, but they went on to explain how The Ultimate Journey has had a dramatic impact on their lives and they want to include Christ-Life Ministries in their wills.  While we hope not to see those funds anytime soon, it is exciting to wonder what plans God might have in store for us that he is already making provision for.

If you would like to allow God to channel a part of his provision for his future plans through your estate planning, it doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.  While there are more elaborate estate planning tools such as trusts and annuities, planned giving can be as easy as gifting an old or new life insurance policy or simply making provision in your will.  If you would like to include us in your estate planning, you will want to use the following:

Our legal name is:  Christ-Life Ministries, Inc.

Our Charitable tax ID# is: 42-1509052

If you have any questions, or need any assistance with your plans, please call us at (515) 251-6838 or email